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Jacob Durán | Founder

Jacob Duran is a born and bred Californian. He and his family were early adopters and practitioners in the local farming industry. He currently owns 200 acres where he cultivates commercial indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse grown plants. He often assists in the design and building of growing facilities and has customized soil and fertilizer regiments Jacob is also well versed in harvesting preparations, as well as the importance of a fine-tuned harvest facility. But Jacob’s real claim to fame is having pioneered a plant

propagation system for clones through isolation.

This is D&D Plant Propagation System.
“I’ve been in the industry for 25 years, it’s what I know best”


Why did you start D&D?

I’ve been in the industry for 25 years; it’s what I know best. And what I came to realize is that there was no standard, reliable rooting system available. With our propagation system, you can take a healthy mother plant and feel secure that its clones will grow up healthy, too.

Who can benefit from D&D’s Cloning Cups?

Clone growers, Hydroponic shops, Cannabis growers, hemp growers: Anyone who grows a crop that propagates easily.

What does a grower need to know to use D&D’s “Cloning Cups”?

All the grower has to do is ensure the mother plant is healthy and keep the cups under the right conditions. And the cups do all the rest.

How should the Cloning Cups be stored?

We recommend a room that does not receive direct sunlight, room temperature around mid 70s.

How would the Cloning Cups improve their productivity?

You’re saving significant time and energy not having to buy nutrients or hormones, adjust the pH, sanitize the trays – it’s all done for you inside the cup. And since the clones are separated, diseases can’t spread to the rest of the tray. Once it’s set, rooted and labeled, you can’t mix up the strains. These benefits save you tremendously on time and labor.

How can growers know they can trust your product?

I’ve been using it myself for years with great success!

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