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D&D Propagation System Growing Cup – 48 Cups per Box, Rockwool, Easy, efficient, Reliable, cloning Cups (for Seeds & Cuttings)


1. Easy

The cup comes fully integrated with an all organic, proprietary solution soaked medium.

2. Efficient

Our cup brings efficiency to your growing routine, taking anxiety out of any preparation work.

3. Reliable

Each plant is self-contained environment that resist tempering, environmental instability & human error.


User Guide

  1. Chop from a healthy mother plant
  2. Use razor to cut a small opening on the center of the cup
  3. Drop cutting 3/4 into growth medium
  4. Set temperature at 72-76F and humidity level at 75-85%
  5. For clones:
    It will take 2-3 weeks to develop a healthy root system depending on the strain
  6. For seed
    You should see sprout in around 6 days
  7. Once you see a healthy root system, remove the seal and your clone is now ready to be transplanted.

Tip: to ensure proper environment, use humidity dome and heat mat to your preference.

For those who uses heat mat, place the cups inside the tray first then put the tray on top of the heat mat, do not place the cup directly on the heat mat.


Track and Trace becomes a breeze with D&D propagation cup, as we can place the bar code on the side of the cup

Cut down time and waste with this reliable propagation system. Use growing space effectively and multiply your yield without jeopardizing the quality of your product.

Say bye to rooting gels, messy tray, and preparing your growing medium. Our D&D Propagation cup is ready for you to simply chop, drop, and grow!

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- 05/29/2020