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For cutting: chop a stem from a healthy mother plant by making a diagonal cut with a razor.


Place your stem into our D&D Propagation cup.


Limit to one clone or seed per cup. Within 3 weeks, upon seeing healthy rooting, the plant is ready to be transplanted.

For seed: select your desired seed to propagate.
Make a small opening on the seal just enough to fit the seed.



D&D Plant Propagation System has pioneered a propagation technique for growing clones and seeds inside a cup. Each cup contains sufficient moisture and plant nutrient needed to develop a healthy root system. With our cup, we are bringing efficiency to your growing routine, cutting out any preparation work. Each plant has its own self-contained environment that resist disease, environment instability and human error. D&D propagation system is your ideal solution for any easily propagated plant.


Dr.Earth, Milo Shammas

Praise for D&D Propagation Cups From Dr. Earth, Milo Shammas

“I tested it and grew a bunch of different tomato plants, different varieties — a percentage of clones always fail. They develop (die off), which is basically a wilt fungal disease. And I noticed in 100 percent of these cups there was no wilt, no (die off) whatsoever. It’s just a really good product.”

“The fact that you have minimal touch points…I know that the less you touch something, the more valuable it is, and I think what Jake (developer of cup) was able to do is develop something that you just touch less, which is good.”

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